about utree

Where It All Began

Prior to starting up UTREE Hosting and Development, Ian Perera worked for 8 plus years as Freelance Programmer & Web Developer. He has an enthusiastic approach when it comes to Programming, especially learning and mastering new techniques, as well as keeping up to date with the latest web trends and news in the world of Technology and Web Design.

Currently, Ian resides in South Florida, with a master's degree in Computer Science and Information Security. He has developed and learnt new skills while gaining a passion for web development. He specializes in web application developing with the ability to create websites and web apps that meets the standards of both XHTML and CSS.

What Can utree Do?

Utreehost.com can help your business, whether small, medium or large, establish a presence it deservers on the web. We utilize both client side and server side technologies; Technologies such as HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, .NET, SQL, JAVA.

If you want to find out more about how utreehost can help you then do get in touch.